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Free shaker + 4 sachets with your first order free shipping from £35 shipment within 1-3 days average rating of 4.8/5 on 2000 reviews

Free shaker + 4 sachets with your first order, free shipping from £35, shipping within 1-3 days, average rating of 4.8/5 on 2000 reviews


The Overnight Oats Shake

Ideal for breakfast or after sport

Taste sensation!

Really amazing how such a simple meal can have so much flavour. I look forward to my breakfast every night.

- Griet Vervoort

Less stress
in the morning

So wonderful to not have to worry about preparing a half-hearted breakfast in the morning. Just take your shaker out of the fridge and you’re done.

- Staf Dubois


Ideal breakfast to make yourself feel cheerful and fresh all day or to power up for a solid workout. Takes away the hunger pangs for a few hours.

- Nico De Backer


X-tra easy

X-tra tasty!


We LOVE plants. Which is why X-Oats is even tastier (and eco friendlier) with a generous dash (300ml) of vegan milk. Or as we like to call it: milk, but then for people.


1 sachet is enough for a filling and energy rich meal. Feel on fire for the whole day: at work, in the gym…

Shake it up

Time for your biceps to do their thing! Shake that milk and the X-OATS together in the shaker. Go on, shake it!


Let the mix (shake) rest at least 2 hours or overnight in the fridge, so that it turns into a tasty porridge. You can get under the covers and let X-OATS do their work.

*the longer the mix can rest, the thicker the porridge will become.

Grab ‘n go

Your breakfast is ready. Yes, it’s that simple. Whatever your plans are, with a full shaker, you will always be prepared!


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Feel fresh and fit the whole day with a delicious portion of X-OATS. The ideal kickstart to your day, a bowl brimming with carbohydrates, protein, fibre and minerals.

Super good!

The hype is real. X-Oats is so hot it’s cold, healthy and absolutely delicious. Our oats are an absolute powerbomb, filled with everything that is good for your body and mind.

vegan friendly protein

Did you know that X-OATS is made with plant based protein, which is healthier for your heart and arteries than animal based protein? So you can build your muscles faster. Per serving you get an ideal amount of natural protein, 20g.


X-tra tasty!

(Re)discover oats like you have never tasted before. Fruity, colourful and tasty. A healthy breakfast has never been so simple!

Always ready

to go

With a full shaker of X-OATS in your fridge, you are always ready for adventure. Preparing your daily helping of X-OATS is dead simple and takes only 10 seconds.

Eat oats,

save the planet

We believe in a product with a positive impact on the planet. Together with Climate Partner we mapped out the CO2 footprint of our oats. By producing locally and using only natural ingredients, the CO2 emissions for a packet of X-Oats is only 0.28kg, 10x less than a hamburger meal. We compensate for our (already low) emissions by investing in ecological projects and organisations who are committed to a greener planet and clean air.

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